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Congrats to GPS makers for having totally neutered the average taxi driver who can’t decide anything on their own anymore.

Inducing a healthy dose of paranoia… RT @bfeld: alone in my office rummaging through everyone’s desks. this is interesting!

Wow. RT @sether: FarmVille players outnumber actual farmers in the United States by more than 60 to 1 –

RT @danielbroche: RT @HubertMichaux On Spotify, the “Donate” button is called “Buy Music”.

No kidding RT @cnnbrk: FAA revokes licenses 2 Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot airport by 150 miles during 78-minute radio silence.

RT @konbini: Vous pouvez acheter vos préventes dès maintenant pour la Soulwaxmas !

Les conséquences de l’éducation universelle

RT @monkchips: just realised how deeply unsustainable SAP’s tagline for TechEd09 is – “Maximise Your Impact”.

GRUAU électrifie toute la flotte de Véhicules Utilitaires FIAT –

Dear candidate – I’d rather have your cover letter in correct French than in gibberish English…

Geocities closing down today… Had my first website there, circa 1996. The page was a disaster.

RT @camj59: Cherche consultant spécialisé en site ecommerce pour animation d’un atelier de 2 heures. DM si intéressé.

RT @Capucine_Cousin: C’est confirmé, Mindscape rachète Violet et son lapin Nabaztag

Yeah : mon Kindle est arrivé ce matin. #yam

RT @SabineHerold Ma Gd-Mère: “à croire les ministres, JSarko est si parfait qu’on devrait le mettre au Pav de Breteuil avec le mètre étalon”

I had missed this paper : Managerial Incentives and Value Creation: Evidence from Private Equity #PE

Réunion sous-marine pour le gouvernement des maldives

Interesting initiative from the Maldives gouvernement, holding a meeting underwater in order to sign a communication calling all nations to diminish their carbon emissions.

After all, a great part of political spin-doctoring resides in creating the right photo opportunities, and I believe this one is a success. Of course the Maldives cabinet is probably highly incentivized on this matter: the archipelago will obviously be among the first countries to suffer in case the water…

An interesting apparition of the 80/20 rule : a Comscore report (via
Broadstuff), clustering internet users in clusters according to their
frequency of clicking on display ads, shows that 85 % of display ad clicks are due
to 8 % of internet users

The real question — nearly impossible to tackle, though — would be that of the demographic differences between this 8 % and the remaining
92 %.

The report’s summary :

Le poids des photos

Belle initiative du gouvernement des Maldives, qui s’est réuni sous l’eau pour signer un communiqué appelant les nations à réduire leurs émissions de carbone.

Après tout, une grande…

Le poids des photos

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