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Modernisation ferroviaire

This afternoon I caught the 15:05 train from the recently modernized Euston Station.

According to the new electronic departure indicator, its destination was Rugby; according to the ticket collector and a notice on the platform it was Coventry; according to the destination blind on the train it was Wolverhampton. I got off at Watford to hear the station announcer declare it was Wolverhampton and walked home to look it up in my copy of the timetable and discover it was Birmingham.”

Modernisation ferroviaire

According to Germany’s Der Spiegel, German police shot only 85 bullets in all of 2011… (…) most of those shots weren’t even aimed [at] people: “49 warning shots, 36 shots on suspects. 15 persons were injured, 6 were killed.’

The culture that is Germany — Marginal Revolution

J’imagine que le picto est supposé rassurer ? Je vois mal comment.

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