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The average American loves his family. If he has any love left over for some other person, he generally selects Mark Twain.” — Thomas Edison

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Filing emails is a waste of time.

A field study of 345 users shows that it is more efficient to spend less time in preparatory activities (sorting mails in complex folder structures) and just use the search function.

Filing emails is a waste of time.

Mr. Fisher, if you could somehow put the Mount Wilson telescope inside the Mount Palomar telescope, you still wouldn’t be able to detect my interest in your problem.

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Create something: don’t just be an “employee,” a “manager,” or any other kind of mere mechanic of the present. Be a builder, a creator, an architect of the future. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sonata, a book, a startup, a financial instrument, or a new genre of hairstyles — bring into being something not just fundamentally new, but irrepressibly dangerous to the tired, plodding powers that be.

Mastering the Art of Living Meaningfully Well – Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review

To be a parent is to be a caretaker of your children’s past and future at an age when they cannot possibly fathom that either matters.” Youngme Moon, from her book, Different.


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The Model Board Package : Mark MacLeod

Good ressource for start-ups wondering how to deal with their boards.

The Model Board Package : Mark MacLeod

The mismatch between Silicon Valley and Congress isn’t just that Silicon Valley isn’t engaged enough with lobbying Congress, but that Silicon Valley has this outmoded idea that your ideas succeed when they are right, as proven in the marketplace, rather than because you were better at making a backdoor deal than the next guy.

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What?? “a Missouri federal judge ruled the FBI did not need a warrant to secretly attach a GPS monitoring device to a suspect’s car

This Is The Smell Of Inevitability

Une société d’agriculteurs – Göbekli Tepe

Part of a megalithic structure at Göbekli Tepe...

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A travers une balade à Göbekli Tepe, le plus vieux temple du monde à Urfa, cet article du New Yorker  (malheureusement derrière un paywall) explore une palette fascinante de sujets liés à la sédentarisation de l’humanité.

Les religions sont-elles nées quand les hommes anciens ont arrêté leur mode de vie construit sur la chasse et la cueillette pour se tourner vers un mode de vie sédentaire reposant sur l’agriculture et l’élevage ? C’est l’explication habituelle ; l’homme aurait inventé la religion et le gouvernement face à un besoin d’organiser et de sécuriser les premiers regroupements en villes et villages.

Il semblerait pourtant que ce temple ait été construit avant la sédentarisation  – les implications en seraient très intéressantes : cela voudrait dire que l’homme a, au contraire, inventé l’agriculture et l’élevage après la religion, pour lui permettre justement de s’organiser au service de la construction d’édifices religieux. Dans cette interprétation, la Chute – ou la déchéance du Paradis perdu – représenterait allégoriquement la perte du mode de vie primitif reposant sur la cueillette, et l’apparition du travail des champs. Cela mène certains à positionner le jardin de l’Eden justement à Göbekli Tepe.

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Finally ! New York City gets a Software Engineering High School – Joel on Software

The important part being “High School” !

Finally ! New York City gets a Software Engineering High School – Joel on Software

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Maybe the strangest story I read in a long while.

Dave Sanders: Fiber-Optics Exec by Day, Defender of Justice by Night

Maybe the strangest story I read in a long while.

L’Oise. Il fait bon y vivre (?)

America needs to have an honest debate about private equity. Not the biased rhetoric we’ve gotten so far.

Let’s be honest about private equity – The Term Sheet: Fortune’s deals blog Term Sheet

Invasion de Cute chez Tumblr.

My credit card company knows far more about my shopping history than my physician knows about my medical history

Paging Dr. Siri — Marginal Revolution

Every fact of science was once damned. Every invention was considered impossible. Every discovery was a nervous shock to some orthodoxy. Every artistic innovation was denounced as fraud and folly. The entire web of culture and ‘progress,’ everything on earth that is man-made and not given to us by nature, is the concrete manifestation of some man’s refusal to bow to Authority. We would own no more, know no more, and be no more than the first apelike hominids if it were not for the rebellious, the recalcitrant, and the intransigent. As Oscar Wilde truly said, ‘Disobedience was man’s Original Virtue.

RAW quote: disobedience was man’s original virtue – Boing Boing

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