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Vitesse et accélération

Un bon exemple (issu de The Long Tail: In Defense of Endism) sur les différents points de vue qui peuvent justifier pour le même phénomène des lectures complètement différentes.

Cela explique notamment pourquoi l’intervalle de temps très court regardé par les marchés – la norme est aux publications trimestrielles – les conduit souvent à accorder (relativement) trop d’importance aux tendances de court terme par rapport aux fondamentaux de long terme.


[You] have to realize that there are three kind of people […]:

A) Position People
B) Velocity People (first derivative)
C) Acceleration People (second derivative)

Category A people think: "4 million subscribers is a lot. Consumer Reports must be doing something right."
Category B people think: "It used to be 4.2 million. Consumer Reports is in decline."
Category C people think: "They lost 200,000 readers in three years! Consumer Reports is dead."

Now I should quickly add that I have no idea if Consumer Reports is indeed losing readers; I just made those figures up for illustrative purposes […]. The point is that you probably know all three kinds of people I’ve described, and you may have noticed that while the first two perspectives are accurate, the third, which is clearly false, is the one that gets all the attention.

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