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Outstanding marketing

J’avais déjà parlé de la qualité notre fournisseur de Microsoft Exchange en ASP, mi8.

Voici un email que je viens de recevoir de leur part.

Coût : 0

Impact sur leur relation clients : énorme.

Dear Mi8 Client:

Mi8 is searching for a consultant to assist us with the selection and deployment of a new document management system, to manage Mi8’s growing library of controlled documentation […]

As an Mi8 client, your company will receive preferred status in the bidding process for this design and deployment project. […]

If your company does not have expertise in this area, we apologize for the intrusion. We simply want to give preference to our clients when it comes to bidding for Mi8 business.

To all, thank you for your ongoing patronage of Mi8, and if we can assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Mi8 Management Team

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