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Egypte – un état de droit ?

Egypt: Gizeh

Image by Brooklyn Museum via Flickr

Hernando de Soto au sujet de l’Egypte (1994) :

  • L’économie souterraine est le premier employeur égyptien, employant 9,6 millions de personnes contre 6,8 millions dans le secteur privé et 5,9 dans le secteur public.
  • 92% des propriétaires égyptiens n’ont aucun acte de propriété régulier.

via Marginal Revolution: Hernando de Soto on Egypt.

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La justice au Zimbabwe

Victims of crime in Zimbabwe‘s capital city Harare are now allowed to ferry the alleged perpetrators of those crimes from prisons to court after the state prisons service ran out of fuel, according to local reports Thursday.

Conditions have improved significantly in Zimbabwe’s 42 jails since last year when an estimated 1,000 inmates had died in the first six months of the year of disease and neglect. But the Department of Prison Services still cannot provide transport to take prisoners awaiting trial to court.

via Marginal Revolution: The legal system in Zimbabwe.

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