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Apprentissage subliminal

let there be light...

Les scientifiques sont peut-être parmi les gens à qui il est le plus difficile de vendre – en particulier pour des objets à la valeur douteuse… Cela n’empêche pas certains d’essayer, comme pour ces CD de physique statistique subliminale qui sont censés subliminalement rendre l’apprentissage de la physique plus agréable !

The Superior Statistical Physics subliminal CD is designed to super charge your brain to learn statistical physics faster and easier than ever imagined. It will help you learn and master statistical physics so that you retain the material longer, understand it better, and enjoy it much more than you normally would. This session can help you pass statistical physics exams easier and with higher scores. All you have to do is continue the same statistical physics classes or text that you re studying now and listen to this CD to accelerate your learning ability.

Article originel : Markets in Everything: Subliminal Statistical Physics (

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