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Three myths about online security

Great post on Who has time for this about the risks associated with online banking. David Cowan dispels three myths about banking security :

“Myth 1: User education is the key to solving the phishing problem.

Myth 2: We need smart cards and biometrics instead of passwords.

Myth 3: Banks need to deploy strong authentication at the login so that only trusted individuals enter the bank.”

Two ideas specially ring true :

  • No matter how strong authentication is at the user side, the user will not be safe from a man-in-the-middle attack where the thief poses as the bank. The best way to solve for this problem is to switch to 2 channel authentication : web, and a phone call, for instance.
  • There is no point in having the strongest possible authentication at the point of access : security measures should instead be escalated in accordance with the transaction’s importance, and behavioural profiling.

My bank has just changed its identification procedures. Now, instead of typing my password, I have to click on an onscreen numeric keypad. I’m not sure I see the point (besides making the system innacessible to vision-impaired people). I sure do feel the inconvenience, though…


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